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Sarah Mueller

Sarah's true passion is developing talent. Sarah is in charge of the day to day sales operations within the company to ensure the success of every vendor under the Feathers to Fur umbrella.

Speciality: Equine & Small Ruminants 


Chad Merdan
SVP of Operations

Chad's 20+ years in Operations, Procurement, and Contract Management make him a huge asset to the FTF team. Chad's assists in all aspects of the business but his primary responsibility consists of  Vendor Management on our Ag Retail and Livestock Teams.
Specialty: Bovine


Anthony Isidoro
Director of Sales & Business Development

Anthony, a pet industry veteran, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Feathers to Fur team. Anthony's main role within the organization is to manage relationships with our Pet Specialty vendors. 
Specialty: Companion Animal

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